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Butter Braid pastry program

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We keep everything SIMPLE.

And we can

Because Butter Braid® pastries sell themselves.

Customers ask for them year after year!

We are committed to your selling EXPERIENCE.

Your time is valuable.

We’ll be there every step of the sale until the last braid is delivered.

Butter Braid® Braided Pastries

Unlike dense breads… our dough is layered and layered with butter to create a sweet, flaky pastry with incredible melts-in-your mouth flavor!

• EXCLUSIVE! Not sold in retail stores!

• Premium pastry dough with 100% real butter

• Hand-braided in IOWA

• Large, 22 oz. frozen loaf

• Frosting packet included

• 0% Trans-fat


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Profit: $6.00 per item*

Retail: $14.00

Four Cheese & Herb pastry retails for $15 and profit margin increases by $0.50

Sell 250 units or more for $6.00 profit.

Sell less than 250 units then profit is $5.00 per item.

Product Information

Ingredients/Nutritional Information
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Baking Instructions
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Caramel Roll Baking Instructions
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Profit Potential

Sell over 250 items,
earn $6.00 per item.


Sell less then 250 items,
earn $5.00 profit.