West Bend, IA

Cedar Valley Fundraising

It is our mission to provide superior service and support to help you achieve your goals!

Our Story
Cedar Valley Fundraising is a family owned and operated business established in 2005 by Dennis and Gail Massner in West Bend, IA. We share our special small town of 800 with Country Maid, Inc., makers of the one and only Butter Braid pastries. (Click Here To read BB Story) We service 56 counties in Iowa and strive to always:

1.) Offer unique and locally made, high quality products.

2.) Help groups meet and exceed profit goals.

3.) Provide service and products that our customers value and ask for again and again!

Dennis and Gail Massner
- established business in 2005

Carl and Sara Gerber
- joined the business in 2008

Kendra Haug
- joined the business in 2015

Kendra grew up in small town northeast Iowa, helping her parents with their Butter Braid® Pastry business—filling folders, sorting orders in the freezer and sampling and delivering product with her dad.  After graduating from Drake, she wanted to make a difference and get to know her new home, the Des Moines area. Working with Cedar Valley allows her to do both, and she joined the business in January of 2015.  Kendra lives in Bondurant with her husband and two cats.

You will love our sweet & simple fundraiser!

WOW Experiences

This fundraiser was wonderful. We couldn’t have been happier. Online tabulator was great. Trent was a huge help and I appreciated him seeing this through to the end.

Here is our order! I’m so excited! I have one left in my freezer from last year that I’ve been clinging to that I’m finally going to make.
Dance Group

I am recommending your company to everyone I talk to, not only because of the ease of working with you and the deliciousness of your cookies and butter braids, but because you are also so kind and thoughtful. I have just been blown away.Elementary

Overall, you guys run a great product and have excellent customer service!!!FCCLA Group

Thank you so much for a great fundraiser! They were delicious, and I’ve heard great things from parents! So far, the money has helped us buy costumes for our musical last month! Thanks so much! Middle School Music Department