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BAKING DIRECTIONS for braided pastries

  1. Take frozen braided pastry out of package and place on lightly greased 9” x 13” metal pan or 11” x 17” cookie sheet with edges. Set icing packet and directions aside.
  2. Loosely cover frozen pastry with plastic wrap. Allow to thaw and rise at room temp. for 8 to 12 hrs. until about double in size (ideal room temp. is 72°F). Tip: lightly spray plastic wrap with cooking spray and place spray side down to prevent dough from sticking to plastic wrap.
  3. Remove plastic wrap. Bake at 325°F for 22 to 27 min. or until golden brown. Ovens vary so adjust time and temp. accordingly.
  4. Allow to cool. Slice with electric, bread, or serrated knife.
  5. Cut small hole in corner of icing packet and drizzle over top of braided pastry. Enjoy!

For high altitudes: Let pastry raise 6 to 8 hrs. (if needed, pastry can raise for up to 12 hrs., but may produce flatter product). Bake 18 to 23 min. at 350°F.

Baking Tip - If you would like to eat/serve your braided pastry for breakfast, set it out the night before around the time you go to bed so it is ready for baking when you wake up in the morning.

Or you can set your braided pastry out first thing in the morning to bake during the evening as a dessert to compliment your meal. Just remember to share!

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  1. Saque la pasta trenzada fuera de la bolsa y colóquela en una charola de 9”x 13” x ½” cubierta con un poco de aceite.
  2. Cubra la pasta con un plástico y déjela reposar por un lapso en la temperatura ambiente de 8 a 12 horas hasta que alcance el doble de tamaño.
  3. Remueva el plástico y coloque el producto en el horno a una temperatura de 325˚F por 22 a 27 minutos o hasta que adquieran un leve color bronceado. Los hornos varían por lo tanto ajuste el tiempo y la temperatura de acuerdo al color.
  4. Deje que se enfríe un poco antes de poner el glaseado.
  5. Corte pequeño agujero en la esquina de paquetes de hielo y lluvia por encima de pasta trenzada.

Sugerencias del Horneado

Póngalo a reposar durante toda la noche para un impresionante desayuno, ó déjelo reposar por la mañana para hornearlo durante la tarde y ser el postre perfecto para complementar cualquier comida.

Note: Para altas altitudes deje reposar de 10 a 12 horas y hónrelo 22 a 25 minutos a 325˚F

Para máxima durabilidad, almacene el producto en el congelador hasta la hora que lo va a utilizar.

Para el mejor uso y resultado del producto, por favor consúmalo en un lapso de 6 semanas después de haberlo recibido.

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This fundraiser was wonderful. We couldn’t have been happier. Online tabulator was great. Trent was a huge help and I appreciated him seeing this through to the end.

Here is our order! I’m so excited! I have one left in my freezer from last year that I’ve been clinging to that I’m finally going to make.
Dance Group

I am recommending your company to everyone I talk to, not only because of the ease of working with you and the deliciousness of your cookies and butter braids, but because you are also so kind and thoughtful. I have just been blown away.Elementary

Overall, you guys run a great product and have excellent customer service!!!FCCLA Group

Thank you so much for a great fundraiser! They were delicious, and I’ve heard great things from parents! So far, the money has helped us buy costumes for our musical last month! Thanks so much! Middle School Music Department