West Bend, IA

Made in IOWA... we have the "pastry that sells itself."

Still braided by hand and made with 100% real butter.

Real fruit fillings.

Real quality.

Homemade goodness not found anywhere else.

Featuring the "EXCLUSIVE to fundraising" Butter Braid® pastries - we at Cedar Valley Fundraising feel we have what it takes to help you meet your fundraising goals!

We stand behind our products, our service, and our commitment to you, our Iowa neighbor and customer!

Contact us anytime!

What makes us different?

We keep everything SIMPLE.

And we can

Because Butter Braid® pastries sell themselves.

Customers ask for them year after year!

We are committed to your selling EXPERIENCE.

Your time is valuable.

We’ll be there every step of the sale until the last braid is delivered.

You will love our sweet & simple fundraiser!

WOW Experiences

This fundraiser was wonderful. We couldn’t have been happier. Online tabulator was great. Trent was a huge help and I appreciated him seeing this through to the end.

Here is our order! I’m so excited! I have one left in my freezer from last year that I’ve been clinging to that I’m finally going to make.
Dance Group

I am recommending your company to everyone I talk to, not only because of the ease of working with you and the deliciousness of your cookies and butter braids, but because you are also so kind and thoughtful. I have just been blown away.Elementary

Overall, you guys run a great product and have excellent customer service!!!FCCLA Group

Thank you so much for a great fundraiser! They were delicious, and I’ve heard great things from parents! So far, the money has helped us buy costumes for our musical last month! Thanks so much! Middle School Music Department